Information for parents

All the information parents need to help their child find their path to university.

Going to university is a huge but exciting step for a young person. Having their parents' support can make all the difference.

This page includes some general information for parents. Our friendly Future Students team at can also provide more detailed information. The team would love to answer your questions through a one-on-one conversation.

Why should my child go to university?

University is for everyone, not just the elite or academically gifted. It's a place to grow and learn, build friendships that last a lifetime, and experience a whole new world. A much higher proportion of students attend university than they did 30 years ago, with about 40% of our students coming directly from year 12.

There are many reasons to pursue a higher education. Some roles require a university qualification, such as psychologists, architects, lawyers and teachers. Statistics show that university graduates have a much higher rate of employment and generally earn more money.

Perhaps, more importantly, are the transferable skills university students learn and the many opportunities on offer. University students learn self-discipline, as well how to think critically and flexibly – all great assets for any career!

What programs are available for high achieving students?

We have many unique programs for high achievers.


This program is available to students whilst they are still in high school. This allows students to gain credit for their future studies, and to have an early experience of university life.

Catalyst Program

Provides high achieving students with extra experiences, activities and opportunities, such as overseas and summer research programs.

Bachelor of Philosophy

A fee-free, dual degree, teaching students to be future leaders. The bachelor offers courses on leadership and service, research and multidisciplinary perspectives.

Creative Innovators Program

Prepares students to design a better future, and is perfect for high achievers with a passion for design, creation and innovation.

How do year 12s qualify for study at the University of Tasmania?

If your young person is in year 11 or 12, the School's Recommendation Program has been specifically designed program to provide a pathway to university. We have also produced a course guide specifically for college-aged students.

Our Course and Unit Handbook web pages have study area and course-specific information.

For detailed, up-to-date information about entry requirements for domestic Year 12 students, including alternative pathways for those students who do not meet minimum entrance requirements, please visit undergraduate admission requirements.

What if my child doesn't get into the course they want to study?

If your child is not accepted into the degree that they want to study, don't worry. We have many alternatives available, such as Pathway Programs and Associate degrees.

What are the costs?

The main cost is the student contribution to a Commonwealth Supported Place. This can vary depending on the course or choice of units. To assist, we offer hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and prizes.

For detailed information of all costs relating to studying at the University of Tasmania, please visit Scholarships, fees and costs.

Where can I find the most useful information?

We suggest getting in contact with our friendly Future Students team at This team can tailor information that suits future students and their unique journeys.

Once your child has been accepted, they can find plenty of information on our website about starting uni. Starting at the University is a great place to start.

To have this information mailed out to you, you can request course information or book a face-to-face appointment.

Who can I contact for further information?

For information about courses and the application process, please contact the Uni Info Centre at