Graduation ceremonies

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation.

Congratulations to all our graduates. Please enjoy these moments from the winter 2022 celebrations.

A day to celebrate.

Your graduation ceremony is a very special occasion. It’s a chance to celebrate your academic achievements with classmates, friends, family and staff.

From dress hire to studio-quality photos, we have plenty of ways to make your big day special. Keep reading to learn more.

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Upcoming 2023 ceremonies

  • Friday, 8 December
    • College of Health and Medicine
  • Saturday, 9 December
    • College of Sciences and Engineering
    • College of Arts, Law and Education
    • College of Business and Economics (including University College)

Note: Ceremony allocations, dates, times and venues are subject to change.


Launceston Conference Centre
50 Glen Dhu Street, Launceston

Preparing for your graduation

  • When you’re eligible to graduate, we’ll contact your university email. You’ll be asked to check your details, and we’ll share some important information about your ceremony.
  • Contact us by email at if you have any concerns or queries.

Graduation checklist​​​​​​​

If you are eligible to graduate, please complete the following checklist.


It is essential you have your legal name on your certificate.

Changes need to be initiated 21 days before your ceremony.

How to update your name.

Address and contact

We need to know where to post your graduation testamur, so we will post it to the 'preferred address' that we have on file for you. Please check your preferred address in eStudent. If you are no longer able to access eStudent, contact UConnect to update your details.


When you receive the letter that says you will be eligible to graduate, please check that the name of your award listed in the letter is correct. If it isn't correct, you can contact UConnect.

If you have outstanding fees or other sanctions against you, you may not be able to graduate. Current sanctions are listed on the My Details page in eStudent.

Let us know if you will be attending your big day.

Register for your graduation ceremony

Can't make it? Find out what happens if you won't be attending your graduation ceremony.

To find out more about what to wear and how to order your academic dress, visit academic dress.

Register to attend your graduation ceremony

You will receive an email when registration opens with a link to your graduation registration. Registration for our Hobart, Burnie and Launceston summer ceremonies opens in November.

When you register for your ceremony, you can book:

  1. A ticket for your seat at your graduation.
  2. Your guest tickets, including:
    • Up to two guest tickets at no charge.
    • Additional guest tickets (subject to venue capacity) at $25 per ticket.  These tickets are available on a first serve basis and cannot be guaranteed. Additional ticket limits apply and this limit varies depending on ceremony/location – you will be advised the number of additional guest tickets for your ceremony in the registration email. Your guests can also watch live on our YouTube channel.
  3. Other graduation services in advance, such as academic dress hire and studio photography, if required. (It is not a requirement to book in advance for photography. You may do this on the day of your graduation).

If you’re not planning on attending your ceremony, you don’t need to register. Check the attendance FAQs below for further information.

Watch our fun video to find out everything you didn't think you needed to know about what to do at your ceremony.

What to do on the day

  • Collect your academic dress the day before your ceremony. Read the academic dress FAQs for more information, including collection times.
  • Please make sure you print your tickets or have them ready on your mobile device.
  • Leave plenty of time to find parking, the venue, and be seated.
  • Please arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the ceremony begins. It’s a good idea to leave plenty of time to find parking and be seated.

You will be allocated a seat for your graduation.

  • Please be seated 30 minutes before your ceremony’s commencement time.
  • Ushers will be there to help you find your seat. As you will graduate in the order you are seated, it’s very important that you do not swap seats with anyone else.

Guest seating is general admission.

  • All guests are required to have a valid ticket for the ceremony. They should be seated at least 15 minutes before the ceremony commencement time.
  • As guests will not have allocated seats, please let them know to arrive early to get the position they want.
  • Please note, guests will not usually be admitted after the ceremony has started.
  • Wheelchair access is available at all venues. If you or your guests have accessibility requirements, such as using a wheelchair, crutches or a guide dog, please let us know by emailing

Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions with several speeches and are, therefore, not always suitable for young children.

Please consider the length and timing of graduation ceremonies when thinking about bringing children. Each ceremony is 90 minutes in length with many formal speeches.

Children will require a ticket unless sitting on a carer’s lap.

Each ceremony begins with a procession of university leadership and academics to the stage. The Chancellor will then deliver some opening remarks and the Occasional Address will be made by the guest speaker.

Graduates and diplomates will cross the stage and be presented to the Chancellor. Graduates and diplomates then acknowledge the Chancellor by doffing their hat before being congratulated.

Whilst on stage, you’ll have the chance to pose for a photograph with the Chancellor. You’ll be given your testamur and alumni pin.

The ceremony usually lasts for 90 minutes. Afterwards, the Chancellor will invite you and your guests to refreshments.

Travel and accommodation

Due to COVID-19, travel restrictions are constantly changing. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest information before you make any arrangements. You can find the latest information on coming to Tasmania at

We do not recommend arranging travel for interstate or overseas guests until you have a valid ticket for them to attend your graduation ceremony.

  • In Launceston and Hobart there are coaches that will take you from the airport directly to your accommodation.
  • Ceremony venues are centrally located in their respective cities, and are easily accessible by bus or taxi, or even walking.
  • Car hire: Special rates are available to graduates. Contact Europcar on 1800 030 118 and quote 50020833 for the special rate.
  • For airline connections please consult your own local travel agent who will advise you on domestic air services within Australia as an add-on to international travel.

Town and Gown

The Town and Gown parades are a special feature of our summer graduations. This is a chance for the entire community to celebrate the achievements of our graduates. You will need to register to join the Town and Gown parade in your city. You can do this when you register to attend your graduation ceremony.

Graduation services

You can book and pay for graduation services in advance. However, except for academic dress hire, you can also do this on the day of your graduation.

Academic dress

While it isn’t mandatory, we encourage all graduands to wear academic dress. It’s a great way to make the most of the occasion. You can hire your gown and colours when you register for your ceremony.

Graduation photography

There’s no better way to commemorate the occasion than a professional studio photo with your family and friends. Our photographers attend each ceremony.

Stage photography

We’ll also be there to capture your big moment on stage. You will be able to download this photo free of charge.

Certificate framing

You can choose from a range of professional frames with embossed mats, perfect for displaying your certificate after the ceremony.


To celebrate and remember your graduation, a range of keepsakes and branded merchandise will be available to purchase on the day.

Frequently asked questions

Attendance requirements

You don't need to apply to graduate. You’ll receive a graduation eligibility letter from the Graduation Office in mid-June for Winter graduations and mid-October for December graduations. This will confirm your potential eligibility to graduate, subject to completing any last course requirements and payment of outstanding fees. You can also find your graduation information in eStudent.

Find out more about eligibility (student portal).


It is essential you have your legal name on your certificate.

Changes need to be initiated 21 days before your ceremony.

How to update your name.

Address and contact

We need to know where to post your graduation testamur, so we will post it to the 'preferred address' that we have on file for you. Please check your preferred address in eStudent. If you are no longer able to access eStudent, contact UConnect
to update your details.

You can’t defer your graduation, but you don’t have to attend your ceremony if you don’t wish to.

If you don’t come to your ceremony, you’ll graduate in absentia. Your testamur will be sent to you by Registered Post (within Australia) or EMS Courier (overseas) after the conclusion of the graduation round. If your documents are being sent to a non-Australian address, please allow extra time for delivery.

You’ll receive a digital testamur, academic transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). These documents will be available in My eQuals, and you will receive an email in the days following graduation to let you know when you can view these documents, as well as instructions on how to register with the My eQuals website.

You can always attend a ceremony in the future if you decide later. Refer to 'Can I attend a future ceremony instead?' below.

Email Your testamur will be posted out to you in 4-6 weeks after your graduation.  Please make sure your preferred postal address is updated in eStudent as soon as possible. To receive a refund, click on the link in your registration confirmation email and update your online order to cancel your tickets.  You can request a refund up until 24 after your ceremony time.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept late registrations. If you don’t register by the close date (or earlier if a ceremony reaches capacity), you’ll have to wait until a future round of graduation ceremonies.

You can always attend a ceremony in the future if you decide later. This is called ‘attending as a walk-through’, which is the same as everyone else except you won’t receive a testamur, because you already have it.

Your name will appear in the graduation program of the earlier ceremony, and you’ll be presented with a 'blank' certificate. This allows you to have your degree conferred at the appropriate time, while still having the opportunity to participate in a ceremony at a time convenient to you.

Please contact to be included in the current graduation round.

Academic Dress

  • While we do not make academic dress compulsory, we would prefer all those participating in the ceremony to wear it. The academic dress set includes a gown, a mortar board or bonnet, and a hood and/or stole.
  • Our graduation ceremonies are a formal occasion, and students and guests are encouraged to dress appropriately. As a general guide, think of what would be suitable for a special dinner or a job interview.
  • The colours associated with academic dress generally distinguish the college you belong to (or, in some cases, the discipline within a college). You’ll be provided with the correct dress for your award as per our Academic Dress Guide PDF 203.0 KB. Please note that academic dress not sourced through our preferred supplier may not provide you with regalia that is an exact match.
  • 如果你收到一个文凭或证书, and you already have a degree, you should wear the appropriate academic dress for the highest degree you’ve been awarded.
  • If you’re receiving a double degree, and are graduating for both degrees in one ceremony, you’ll only need to place one order.
  • Our academic dress is patterned on that used at the University of Oxford.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are invited to wear a coloured scarf to celebrate their cultural heritage, supplied by the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Aboriginal Leadership.
  • When you register to attend your ceremony, you will be able to hire your academic dress from the University's preferred supplier.
  • Payment is required at the time of booking academic dress.
  • Academic dress hire prices vary depending on your requirements - as a general rule:
    • Full set:  $90 includes gown, hood/stole & mortarboard
    • Doctor of Philosophy full set: $90 includes gown, hood & bonnet
    • Hood/stole only:  $30

Gown collection details are as follows:

Hobart Grand Chancellor Hobart - 1 Davey Street, Hobart
Sunday 20 August 2pm-4pm
Or on the day
Monday 21 August 8am-5pm
Tuesday 22 August 8am-5pm

Launceston Launceston Conference Centre – 50 Glen Dhu Street, Launceston
Friday 25 August 2pm-4pm
Or on the day
Saturday 26 August 8am-5pm

  • Please arrive early to allow plenty of time to collect prior to your ceremony.
  • Please return your academic dress no later than two hours after your ceremony concludes unless you've made prior arrangements with our gown hire provider.
  • Failure to return academic dress on time may incur a charge equivalent to three time the hire price.

If you're unable to make the designated collection time for your ceremony, someone can collect on your behalf provided they have your order confirmation. Alternatively, you can collect your academic dress on the day of your graduation.

  • Academic dress is worn over your normal attire. 
    • Please note that what you’re wearing underneath will be visible. For this reason, business attire and comfortable shoes are highly recommended. The gowns are quite heavy, so you may want to remove any jackets.
    • Gown: The gown is worn over the top of your clothing like a jacket. Undergraduates’ arms go through the sleeve, while postgraduate students’ arms slide through an opening in the sleeve.
    • Hood: For all degrees, the hood is then placed over the top of your gown and worn with the colour hanging down the back of the gown and the V at the front of your neck.
    • Mortarboard: The Mortarboard is worn with the shallow part to the front of your head and the deep part at the back of the head, with the tassel placed on the left (over your left ear).
  • If you’re confused about your academic dress, don’t worry. Staff will be there to help you.

When you place your order online, you’ll have the option to select your size, based on your height. You’ll be fitted for the correct size when you pick up your academic dress.

XXS 130 - 150 cm 4'2" - 4'9"
XS 150 - 160 cm 4'9" - 5'3"
S 160 - 170 cm 5'3" - 5'6"
M 170 - 180 cm 5'6" - 5'9"
L 180 - 190 cm 5'9" - 6'2"
XL 190 cm + 6'2" +

Our alumni community

As a graduate of the University of Tasmania, you’re part of a vibrant global family of over 130,000 of our alumni. Our alumni live and work on all continents around the world and across approximately 112 countries.

We encourage our global alumni family to keep in contact so we can continue to keep you informed about the opportunities and networks available to you. And if you want to revisit your graduation ceremony, you can find links to past graduation videos and programs as well.

Our alumni community